Top 10 Video Gaming Myths: Debunked

#Myth No 1: Women Do not Game!

#Myth No 2: The target market for video games is children with no income.

#Myth No 3: Games are played only on mobile and consoles.

#Myth No 4: Video games cause more violence and aggression.

#Myth No 5: Ads do not work, no one is interested in them!

#Myth No 6: Games are just for fun and a waste of time; you cannot make money on games.

#Myth No 7: Gaming leads to social isolation, and gamers are a Social Pariah.

#Myth No 8: Video Games have no value add.

#Myth No 9: Video games make you a COUCH POTATO!

#Myth No 10: Games are consumed at specific times.

‘I’m a gamer. Not because I don’t have a life.

But because I choose to have many.’

Keep calm and game on!




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